1 Turn On 'N' GO


Automated Forex Trading Investment. Let the Moneysome system work for you on auto pilot. Our most popular feature for busy individuals who don't have time to spare! Just sign up and we setup your account. No hands, no screens, just monitor on your phone or smart device and go about your day. It's like your own personal investment portfolio growing right in-front of your eyes 24 hours for life!



2 LIVE Trade Room


$199.99 One-time Registration Fee.

24/7 access for all traders. Just login and enter the Live Trade Room. Listen for the beautiful sound of our automated guide telling you exactly when to buy and sell! Just hit the button and that's it! Simple click and copy system for reasonable constant profit gains.





Get the system installed on your computer. Our custom license key is provided so only you can use it and no one else. This huge benefit allows you to start your own profitable trading business with all of the knowledge and systems Moneysome engineers provide – on your own computer just for you. No time commitment required. 100% fully customized for your needs. We teach you exactly how to use it for life!



Take a few minutes a day

to boost your income for life


Simplified trading rules ensure

consistent daily profit gains


Average new traders save up

for a house, a car or retirement


image"Forget everything you think you know. After taking many courses over the years I realized every single guru isn't worth any time because they don't trade themselves. After joining Moneysome, I not only realized the truth to successful trading I also realized that everything I knew was limited! Now I have gradually transformed my life and hoping to join few 1% of successful traders soon ... hopefully!"
aaron leads, forex trader




"Using the tools provided by the Moneysome team, I've learned to develop my own tools and systems as well as helped my friends do the same to produce a good side income business!"
corey andrews, small business owner


"I went from being a broke student who knew nothing about trading to being an expert and making more income than I ever thought possible for myself. All while sitting at home!"
joel stepehenson, grad student


"I doubled my account in a few short months using the 24 hour trade room THEN went onto use the auto trade system for further success!"
jonathan wu, college professor


"I joined the program with a recommendation made by a close friend and the results are amazing. I have already purchased my first vehicle with the savings I generated using Moneysome and still have funds left over to continue trading! It's not an overnight get-rich-quick trading tool, but my profit gains so far beats the amount of work and time investment it takes me to list and sell one property - I'll tell you that much"
ethan collins, real estate broker


2.44 min video explains it all!